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Fast, Professional and Affordable Liquid Floor Screed Contractor throughout Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Liquid Screed Ltd supply a complete range of floor screed types and solutions including Tarmac, Cemex and Aggregate Industries.

Our past projects have included both commercial and domestic projects where we have built a reputation for our high standard of work on projects of all sizes. A well laid screed floor can dramatically increase the lifespan and performance of your flooring, however badly performed work can cost thousands to repair and cause major structural issues.

We are a highly experienced floor screeding contractors with an outstanding track record. You can rely on us to deliver your project on time, within budget without any hidden fees regardless of scale or difficulty. You can browse through our gallery of our previous projects to get an idea of what we can provide.

If you have any further enquiries about our screed floors and would like to discuss your project in detail, we offer a FREE no obligation quote. Get in touch with us here at Liquid Screed Ltd to find more about screed floors and what they could do for your home or business. We guarantee you will not find better value!

Understanding Floor Screed

Floor screed constitutes of a simple mixture of water, ordinary cement and graded aggregate such as sharp sand. This mixture is used to craft a smooth, hardwearing sub-floor.

Its general thickness is about 75mm before it is ready to be laid on the floor and requires professional supervision to ensure no costly rectifications are necessary.

Depending upon the kind of premises, the screed can be covered with underlay and decorative flooring solution, for instance laminate tiles or carpet; or it can be left bare. Liquid Screed in Bristol can also be used to accommodate underfloor heating systems and to install pipe-work that will surround the premises.

Liquid screed with Underfloor Heating

Although liquid screed is a straightforward blend of materials, it is actually an essential process to ensure evenness of the floor, its durability and entailing sturdiness.

underfloor heating bristolA professional laid liquid screed in Bristol can substantially lengthen the lifespan of a floor, adding to the overall quality of the completed flooring. This can go a long way in ensuring a flat and levelled exterior shielding the sub layers from being subjected to wear and tear and premature erosion.

However, floor screed if not laid appropriately, can diminish the overall quality of the floor and can result in causing damage to the floor cover such as laminate, vinyl carpet etc. This can prove to be a costly affair if you were to bear the expenses of repairing the very core of the flooring of your premises.

Which Type of Screed is Best Suited to Your Project?

As per the suitability of the floor of a given premises, you have the liberty to experiment with different screed applications.

Traditional Screed BristolIt is best to acquire a professional opinion before arriving upon a decision on the appropriation of the varying screeds to cater to your flooring needs.

Listed below are the most common types to ensure that you make an informed decision for Liquid Screed in Bristol:

  • Traditional Screed – A standard mix of cement and sand is the idyllic final floor finish for various floor coverings which may comprise of tiles and laminates. This makes it suitable for different environments from homes and schools to hospitals and shops.
  • Self-Levelling Compounds – Self levelling or flowing screed compound differs from the standard screed mixtures. These are generally used to even out or to level the final finishing layer that provides a smooth exterior for laying the floor finishes. Self-levelling compounds or liquid screed can be a costlier investment than the standard mixes but the perfect solution, in the case that your premise is to be transformed into a warehouse or an industrial area which then calls to attain the levelling of the surface for a multitude of safety reasons.
  • Accelerated or Fast Drying Screeds – Generally, a variety of screeds can take weeks or even months to dry completely and to get ready for the application of concluding floor covering. Thus, to tackle the projects with tight deadlines, accelerated screed is an ideal choice. Fast drying screeds can be ready for the final floor finish after just three days.

Liquid Screed in Bristol and Underfloor Heating Solutions

Screed is crucial to strengthen the base of any premises. While this favours the core of any construction, it also provides a precise base for installing an underfloor heating solution.

Liquid Screed BristolAt Liquid Screed Ltd, we pride ourselves on incorporating the latest modern multilayer pipes and control systems that can evenly distribute heat over the entire expanse of the premise it is installed in.

Our installers are CPCS approved in addition to the many years of experience in the underfloor heating niche. We undertake projects right from the very start, adopting the initial design, working to your specifications and working through to an exquisitely levelled floor finish that is guaranteed to last for decades to come.

Before we specify or install an underfloor heating system, it is with imperative understanding that we analyse the type of screed which is best to use in a given situation and identify the different methods of floor construction for your structure during the initial design stage. We consider different thickness requirements linked with specific screed types, and the size of the premises.

The screed must be shielded from the rain, wind and sun as this can have a detrimental effect on the screed flooring. This also contributes towards ensuring a more consistent environment for initial curing. Once the screed has been laid and depending on whether a self levelling or traditional mix is used, it is important that it is left to cure before it can dry completely.

Laying screed must be done at the earliest possible opportunity during the construction process. This is mainly because the curing (providing adequate moisture, temperature, and time to allow the concrete to achieve the desired properties for its intended use) and drying of the screed is crucial to its long-term performance.

Choosing Contractors for Liquid Screed in Bristol

It is of utmost importance to acquire the best finish for lasting results and in order to achieve this, choosing the right contractor for the application of screed is essential.

At Liquid Screed Ltd, we have extensive experience and a skilled team of concrete and screeding experts as well as state of the art equipment and technology.

You can trust us to deliver your project within the designated time limits with a budget that involves no hidden costs, regardless of scale or difficulty. Feel free to browse through our gallery and view our previous projects to get an idea of our outstanding track record.

Our years of experience in supplying screeds for domestic, commercial and industrial applications makes us a class apart and we will be happy to advise you on the best screed for your project.

About Liquid Screed Ltd

Apart from supplying Liquid Screed in Bristol, we cater to the individual needs of our clients across the nation. As certified experts in the application of liquid screed, we provide detailed advice on preparations to the floor before the pour begins. Work with us to ensure that your project is carried out as efficiently as possible.

Get in touch with us today for enquiries as we offer a FREE no obligation quote. It is important to select a contractor who will seamlessly adapt the method of delivery and screed mix to mitigate with any unforeseen requirements.


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