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Using liquid screed is a great option for projects which require a smooth and high-quality floor finish. It is suitable for all types of environments be it commercial, industrial or residential. However, it is essential to ensure that liquid screed is applied correctly to avoid any screed failures in the future causing imperfections in the floor.

Screeds provide a foundational layer to a floor that binds the floor finish (which people see and walk on) to the concrete substrate of a building’s structure. If properly applied and maintained, then most screeds keep the floor finishes in a decent condition for a longer period.

However, poor planning and failure in the application, curing or drying processes can lead to future problems requiring repairs, which can be quite expensive.

This is where we at Liquid Screed Manchester come into play by providing expert floor work guidance and professional liquid screed services. We are a nationwide liquid screed contractor providing our services including underfloor heating solutions in London and its surrounding areas.

Liquid Screed: What to Consider?

In this guide, we will provide you with an insight on what to consider and how to avoid any mistakes while installing liquid screed in your home or commercial building flooring work.

If you’re opting for a functional or decorative floor, then your floor would require liquid screed rather than a bare concrete surface.

Commercial and industrial locations require a more robust screed as the floor will undergo frequent traffic opposed to a residential one. Most screeds are used for internal projects only, often covering underfloor heating systems or thermal insulation.

However, there are polymer-modified screeds as well for external floor installations which are hard-wearing, water-resistant and are able to withstand a more challenging environment. It’s crucial to be advised first on which type of screed is best suited for your project, to ensure the end result is correct and to avoid any issues in the long run.

At Liquid Screed Manchester, we evaluate each project, individually taking the client requirements into consideration to determine the best suitable screeding solution.

Types of Screed

Generally, there are two types of screed which are provided as options to choose from. Liquid screeds (flowing screed) are self-levelling screeds which level itself easily and smoothly over a given area. The semi-dry version, however, has to be levelled by either hand or machine.

The semi-dry screed can be laid at an angle and is used for applications that require the floor to slope to a drain or for the use of internal ramps. On the other hand, self-levelling screeds usually come in the form of dry powder and require water to be added.

This is a process that is done meticulously, as it is very sensitive to the ratio of water used; too much and it will segregate and crack, but too little and it won’t level correctly on the concrete surface.

The potential floor failures that can occur if screed is applied incorrectly range from cracks found on the floor to weaker and uneven layers.

So, it gets more important for you to choose a suitable screed and hire professionals that are experienced as well as are equipped with the right tools to apply liquid screed. Liquid Screed Manchester does not only offer professional services but also incorporates state of the art screeding techniques to provide you with the desired end result of your project.

Liquid Screed & Underfloor Heating – Manchester

Offering a fast professional Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating installations service throughout Manchester to include: Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Cumbria, Lancashire and Merseyside.

Benefits of Choosing Liquid Screed Manchester

Many business premises have benefitted from our excellent services of providing liquid screed in Manchester, as it’s one of the most reliable and versatile materials currently being used in construction.
But what’s the big appeal and why is it something that you should consider while renovating or planning a floor for your home or business?

Thanks to a fascinating composition of liquid screed which consists primarily of water-based solutions it is a highly adaptive material that is easier to pump.

When you compare this to traditional sand and cement mixture, you might observe that the sand and cement mixture takes much longer to apply. This is because it is made of coarse materials which create a stodgy effect.

Quite obviously, the lengthiness of application doesn’t matter if the outcome is excellent but liquid screed is able to match its ease of use with its quality.

It offers a much more professional looking finish than that of a concrete surface which can sometimes be a little tattered if not laid properly. Liquid screed reflects light superbly and can bring even a dull room to life, making it the perfect choice for floors.

Another advantage of choosing liquid screed is that it can be walked upon long before similar materials have even begun to harden.

After application, you would be able to walk on its surface within 24 hours. Doing so on a concrete surface would result in imperfections opposed to this screed innovation. The final floor finishes can also be laid over liquid screed at its earliest, within 6-7 days.

In addition to this, it’s also a popular choice if you’re looking for under-floor heating. Liquid screed is ecologically favourable and there will be no ramifications from excessive heat on its composition.

Liquid Screed Manchester is proud to be able to offer plenty of liquid screed solutions for those who want to get the most out of their property in Manchester and beyond.

We have screeding experts who know how to install underfloor heating systems with liquid screed to bring out the optimum result.

Manchester Underfloor Heating Solutions

Fast, Professional and Affordable Underfloor Heating Contractor throughout Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Liquid Screed Ltd uses the very latest modern multilayer pipes and control systems, plus there is no other company in the UK that understands warm water underfloor heating systems as Liquid Screed Ltd does. All our installers are CPCS approved and have many years experience of the underfloor heating industry.

We can do everything from the initial design all the way through to a perfectly level floor that will last for many decades.

What to Avoid While Installing Underfloor Heating with Liquid Screed?

Underfloor heating is a popular reason for the use of liquid screed throughout Manchester; therefore we are providing you with a brief summary of the installation process.
Firstly, in order to have underfloor heating system that works properly, the building under construction needs to be weather and water proof with a substrate that is flat and smooth.

In addition, all pipes for the heating system need to be securely fixed to the floor.

If a pipe passes through a joint location, it needs to be adequately sleeved, especially if a flowing screed is being used.

At Liquid Screed Manchester, we understand that the edges of rooms are the weaker points in comparison to the rest of the perimeter, which means extra care should be taken to ensure that the insulation around these areas is properly located.

Once the liquid screed is applied it should not be disrupted and the heating system is commissioned after it. Once this step is completed, it needs to be gradually pre-heated before the final floor’s finish can be applied.

Project managers need to be careful whilst undertaking further work in an area where underfloor heating or insulation exists.

Point loading can put too much pressure on one specific area, which can cause the insulation to collapse, creating a weak point. The weak point will cause the screed to cave in if the pressure continues, which can become a very expensive and a timely process.

It is important for Liquid Screed Manchester and you to understand the requirements of your project and the viability of the various types of screeds and methods of application available to you.

Factors that are crucial to consider for your project’s requirements include the budget, scale, whether underfloor heating or other forms of insulation has to be installed, time-scale and durability requirements.

The planning process of your floor work should not go un-missed or be a half-hearted job, as this is the first step to ensure that your chosen screed does not fail in the future.

Our team here at Liquid Screed Manchester offer free quotes for those enquiring and we are more than willing to advise you on the best possible application suited for your project.

Contact us today for a free advisory; we can even give you a free no obligations quote for your convenience. Bear in mind that no project is too big or small for us and we provide exceptional services that set us apart from other screed contractors in Manchester and beyond.

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Floor screeding services and underfloor heating installation throughout Manchester to include: Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Cumbria, Lancashire and Merseyside.

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