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Liquid Screed Ltd offers professional screeding solutions in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

At Liquid Screed Peterborough, we offer an efficient and quality intensive liquid screed service for residential and commercial premises. So, if you are looking to undertake renovation on a small scale or construct a fully fledged commercial building, Liquid Screed Ltd is your one stop shop for all your queries.

Liquid Screed Peterborough Checklist for Onsite Screeding Supervision

There are a number of key areas where supervision and control are important prior to the commencement of screeding and also during the subsequent installation measures of curing and screed protection.
This supervision is vital so as to ensure that the adopted screeding method meets with the expected quality and design standards.

Liquid Screed Peterborough provides a useful checklist below that covers all the important steps involved in the screeding process that require verification right from the start till the completion of the process.

Before Commencing the Project Ensure:

  • That the building is weather tight.
  • The roof is covered entirely and all external doors and windows are secured.
  • All openings are to be made weather proof with clear polythene.
  • Eliminate all dust and debris from the surface of the floor rendering it free from any type of contamination.

Specification of Screed

  • Compare the compatibility of the screed specification with the BS Code of Practice requirements. In case there are differences, seek specialist advice from Liquid Screed Peterborough. Also, for specialist screeds, ensure that the data sheets are read in combination with BS8204 and BS8000.
  • Verify that the reliability of the category is suitable for attaining the specified flooring for the expected foot traffic.

Assessment of the Structural Base

  • Confirm that the levels of the base substrate are appropriate for achieving the precise minimum/maximum screed thickness.
  • Verify that any services that need to be integrated in the screed mix are sufficiently detailed and placed in order to prevent disruption at a later stage.

Preparation of the Base

  • Depending on the type of screed construction, check that proper surface preparation is conducted.

Screed Mix

  • Liquid Screed Peterborough suggests checking the proportion of raw materials and screed mixing is correct. The ideal mixing proportion for traditional cement and sand screed is 1:3 to 1:5 which is one part Portland Cement (in compliance with BS 12) blended with 3 to 5 parts of sand that complies with the grading limit C or M of BS882, wherein not more than 105 should pass through 150mm sieve and should be mixed with potable water. Ensure that the screed mix proportions are verified against the data sheet for specialist proprietary screeds.

Batching and Mixing

  • Wherever screed pumps are used, check the aptness of screed mix pumping. The proportion of cement, water and aggregate grading determines the amount of screed that can be pumped at a particular time.
  • Ready screed mixes from Liquid Screed Peterborough are in accordance with BS4721: 1981, although you can verify the same. Batching is done in compliance with BS EN 13139. This is a new standard which is solely applicable to pre-manufactured ready mixed screeds which are directly delivered onsite.
  • Determine the workability of the screed using the ‘snowball test’ by pressing a handful of screed mix with a gloved hand. The accurate workability is determined when the screed forms a moist ball on letting go of the hold and does not disintegrate (too dry) or drip water (too wet).

Laying and Compressing

  • Liquid Screed Peterborough advises you to ensure that the screed mix is laid on the base while the grout is still wet when applying a bonding slurry grout. Also, ensure that the screed mix is combined thoroughly to acquire the expected level and maximum compression.
  • Special attention is to be given to bay edges and corners. Make sure that the thicknesses of more than 50 to 60mm are compressed in two separate layers avoiding any delay between the application of the layers. For thickness of more than 75mm, ensure that layers of 50mm are rolled and raked, applying constant layers freshly to achieve thorough compression throughout the entire depth.


  • Check that the finishing applied is thorough for the final floor finish. Floating wood followed by steel trowel can create a smooth and even surface which sits most floor finishes.

Screed Curing

  • If using proprietary screeds, ensure if curing is necessary to avert premature drying as many such screeds do not require curing.
  • If using traditional screeds, polythene curing will be required. Thus, make sure that the screeds are closely covered with polythene sheets as soon as the installation is done.
  • Make sure that the polythene sheets are kept in place for at least 7 days. Liquid Screed Peterborough will give you in depth instruction while installing proprietary screeds. Ensure that you adhere to it for excellent results.
  • In case of extremely low temperatures, make sure that the screed is protected with insulating quilts for 2 to 3 days.

Protection of Screed

  • Make sure that site traffic is regulated after fresh application of screed and light foot traffic is permitted only after 48 hours of application in case of traditional screeds.
  • Even after light foot traffic is permitted, ensure that the screed is not subjected to direct impact. This can be done by using screed protection materials such as cardboard or reinforced paper and corrugated plastic. This should be followed until the screed is completely dry and ready for the application of the final floor finish.

Testing the Screed layer

  • With the assistance of a straightedge, check the completed screed surfaces to ensure that it is in compliance with the specified tolerance levels.
  • Make sure that the screed is sound enough to tackle the expected foot traffic using the BRE ISCR that is In-situ Crushing Resistance Test.

Why Choose Liquid Screed Peterborough?

Liquid Screed Ltd supplies a complete range of floor screed types and solutions which include the highly-sought Tarmac, Cemex and Aggregate Industries.

Liquid screed is also the most ecological and compatible option for underfloor heating owing to its incredibly conductive properties. At Liquid Screed Peterborough, we also offer specialised underfloor heating solutions suitable for both residential and commercial purposes.

At Liquid Screed Peterborough, we offer an honest service with no hidden costs and includes complete evaluation of your project and individual needs. Liquid Screed provides quality oriented installation service for your flooring and underfloor heating solutions to ensure that the end result is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Peterborough Underfloor Heating Solutions

Fast, Professional and Affordable Underfloor Heating Contractor throughout Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

Liquid Screed Ltd uses the very latest modern multilayer pipes and control systems, plus there is no other company in the UK that understands warm water underfloor heating systems as Liquid Screed Ltd does. All our installers are CPCS approved and have many years experience of the underfloor heating industry.

We can do everything from the initial design all the way through to a perfectly level floor that will last for many decades.

About Liquid Screed Ltd

Apart from supplying Liquid Screed in Peterborough, we cater to clients who are spread across the nation.

As certified experts in the application of liquid screed, we provide detailed advice to our clients on preparations to the floor before the pour begins. Work with us to ensure that your project is carried out as efficiently as possible.

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