What Thickness Should Screed Over Underfloor Heating Be?

When installing an underfloor heating system, it is highly important to ensure that the right type and thickness of screed is applied on top to get the most efficient results from your system. Using the wrong type of screed could land you in trouble and your efforts of obtaining a good heating system could all go down the drain. Every flooring project is different, and therefore it is essential to understand your building, its uses, and use the screed which is most suitable for it. For example, you are likely to receive the optimum solution with a solid floor when … Continue reading “What Thickness Should Screed Over Underfloor Heating Be?”

Heaters or Dehumidifiers – which is best for you?

Ensuring the most comfortable indoor environment can be a difficult task at the best of times, and deciding on the best method of sustaining a good temperature and humidity can be confusing. The method you choose depends on the environment as well as the type of flooring which is installed. Drying is a simple procedure of eliminating the humidity from an area; there are a variety of methods which can be used to carry out this task. The only hurdle in this task is to decide on the optimum option for you. Dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers are used to take out dampness … Continue reading “Heaters or Dehumidifiers – which is best for you?”

Unique Flooring Ideas for a Beautiful Home

Like it or not, the flooring has a major impact on the overall look of your home, and in order to create that beautiful chic look we all dream of, occasionally it needs a massive overhaul. There are so many options in terms of different types of flooring to choose from, so there is no doubt that you will be able to find something you truly love which goes excellently with the rest of your interior design. However, with so many options to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to know which will be the best choice for your … Continue reading “Unique Flooring Ideas for a Beautiful Home”

Expectations when visiting a Spa

Never been to a spa before? Anxious about how your experience will be?  May be, this blog can help you get a realistic idea of a spa session. The first step at a Spa: All those who visit a spa for the very first time will be quizzed about their general well being. At times, some spas, give you a health questionnaire to fill our when you first arrive. One of the staff members may ask you to slip off your shoes and socks and wear comfy flip-flops. This will give your feet a soothing feeling of the sturdy and … Continue reading “Expectations when visiting a Spa”

Constructing your own House

Designing a house by yourself sounds interesting and fascinating! To be honest there is a lot of difference between selecting a design and designing the entire house. In order to avoid any mistakes in the future it is essential to take the right route towards your path. Mentioned below are the most important steps which you cannot miss-out on: Prepare the site: Everyone does not have the potential to perform the complete procedure of constructing the entire building. Although you may act as your own contractor, you definitely need sub-contractors as a helping hand to build your home. There is … Continue reading “Constructing your own House”

How to Renovate a Farmhouse

Renovating a farmhouse is a difficult and massive task, and with numerous interior design choices available, it can be tricky to choose a particular look across the whole building. Most people work hard to achieve the perfect balance between a nostalgic and modern style in their renovated farmhouse, and in order to achieve this blended look, you will need to consider each room as an individual space. For instance, you can make use of architectural designs for the stairs or dining area while on the other hand make use of a modern design for the windows, and modern furniture. Below we have … Continue reading “How to Renovate a Farmhouse”