Liquid Screed Ltd: Available For Your Flooring Needs In Buckinghamshire

We, having gained an excellent reputation in flooring and underfloor heating solutions, and we now operate in Buckinghamshire. We are well versed with the nuances and requirements of construction sites, be it a large project or an individual home.

What We Do

Our years of experience, coupled with the technical expertise, make us one of the top brands when it comes to flooring. We take our job seriously, including specifics like guaranteeing the right screed thickness for your floors. Our specialised services ensure that the work gets completed on time. We provide equipment like floor sanding machines and a nifty power screed for commercial, office, and residential buildings.

How We Do It

With the help of ourpumps, liquid screed can be poured on to chosen areas, and acts as a great leveling compound compared to sand and cement screed. But over time, liquid screeds and flowing screed techniques are being accepted as the better options for flooring, with benefits ranging from less construction time to cost cutting. The floor made from flowing screed is usually free from cracks and cuts, and does not shrink.

The necessary floor preparation service is undertaken first, so that all the debris is removed. Our flooring screeding contractorsare experts in laying and maintaining your flooring. We also have anhydrite and gyvlon products, which are easier to use and provide greater flexibility.

So if you live in Buckinghamshire, get in touch with us to learn more about our company and about flow screed.


Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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