Is Liquid Screed The Perfect Floor Solution? Find Out!

Liquid screed is the modern alternative to traditional cement and sand screed. It is also called anhydrite screed, calcium sulphate screed or flowing screed and is specifically designed to offer a smooth surface in both domestic and commercial buildings before the application of a floor covering. Liquid screed is also proving to be the preferred choice for use with underfloor heating and we, at Liquid Screed Direct Ltd., can supply a complete selection of floor screed. If you are planning to install a new floor or renovate your existing floors, liquid screed is the ideal solution. # Smooth and even … Continue reading “Is Liquid Screed The Perfect Floor Solution? Find Out!”

What Are The Benefits Of Liquid Screed Over Traditional Screed?

Are you installing a new floor surface or revamping your existing one? Irrespective of the kind of floor covering that you choose, it is important that you lay a layer of screed first so that there is not an uneven surface. As the UK’s leading flooring screeding contractors, Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. are experts when it comes to screed, and according to them there are 2 types of screed that you can choose from – traditional or concrete screed and liquid flowing screed. The type of screed you select will make a huge difference to the final finish of your … Continue reading “What Are The Benefits Of Liquid Screed Over Traditional Screed?”

Find Out Why Liquid Screed Is A Preferred Floor Leveling Compound

Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of a wide range of floor screed types and solutions in the UK. We have experience in handling small to large residential and commercial projects. When it comes to flooring, we have years of experience and expertise that makes us the  go-to company. Even though there are different types of floor leveling compounds, we use liquid screed. If you have never used liquid screed as a floor leveling compound, take a look below at some of the compelling reasons why you should. Our liquid screed offers a smooth and even … Continue reading “Find Out Why Liquid Screed Is A Preferred Floor Leveling Compound”

Why You Need Screed for Your Underfloor Heating System

any room of your house. It heats your house, keeps your feet warm whilst saving you money on your energy bills. But, how can you ensure that you get the UFH in your house right? Use of the right floor screed can not only help you in getting it right, but also in attaining its longevity that your premise deserves right from the beginning. A floor screed comprises of simple mixture of water, ordinary cement and quality aggregate like sharp sand. Primarily, there are two types of floor screeds, which is traditional ‘dry’ screed and self-levelling screed. It is used … Continue reading “Why You Need Screed for Your Underfloor Heating System”

Underfloor Heating Options for Upstairs

Underfloor heating can be a bit of a task for most people as it involves a lot of detailing that you need to be extremely careful about. It is important to ensure that you have taken appropriate measures to carry out the entire procedure so that the end result is a proper installation. It becomes more difficult if you are planning to install underfloor heaters upstairs. Thus, it is better to make note of certain things like- Good Heaters: First and foremost you should take into account the type of heater that is suitable for your upstairs. At times you … Continue reading “Underfloor Heating Options for Upstairs”

Tips for Keeping a Cosy Kitchen

In every house that oozes warmth and comfort, the kitchen is often the odd one out- cold, clinical and far from the heart of the home. Striking balance between cosiness and cleanliness is very tricky and perhaps the most crucial part to get right, especially in a room that needs to be functional. A sleek kitchen with a utilitarian feel may be the epitome of style right now, but there is no reason to make the most popular room feel soulless only to stay in trend. But, with the right styling tricks and accessories, it is possible to maintain a … Continue reading “Tips for Keeping a Cosy Kitchen”

How to Avoid Common Screeding Mistakes?

Screeding is a simple act of applying a combination of ordinary cement with water and graded aggregates to the base of a floor. Generally, this process is carried out to craft a sturdy sub-floor, which is able to take on the final floor finish. Irrespective of how simple the entire process may sound, there is a lot more to screeding than trowelling on the sand and cement mixture. In the entire flooring process this is the most vital procedure, as screeding ensures a quality finish and longevity of flooring expanse. For projects that require high-quality and smooth floor finish, installing … Continue reading “How to Avoid Common Screeding Mistakes?”

Drying Your Liquid Screed

Now more than ever, the construction industry is under immense pressure. Apart from the obvious financial issues, these companies have to factor in: time restraints, environmental considerations, changes in technology, customer satisfaction, keeping ahead of competitors, as well as juggling a workforce which involves a multitude of professional trades. Delays can be quite expensive, annoying and can have a catastrophic impact on the project. When it comes to using screed for flooring, waiting for it to dry can bring the project to a grinding halt. Due to this, the further construction process ceases, whilst the workforce is not able to … Continue reading “Drying Your Liquid Screed”

What Is Traditional Screed?

If you are looking to have a decorative floor installed or are planning to revamp your flooring, traditional screed is one of the most popular options available, boasting several substantial benefits to your overall project. Anyone who has tried to lay a floor on top of an uneven surface will know how difficult it can be. Laying a screed first evens out the surface so that you then have an even surface to work on. Simply put, a screed typically consists of a mix of cement, sharp sand and water in calculated proportions. It is used on top of the … Continue reading “What Is Traditional Screed?”

What Thickness Should Screed Over Underfloor Heating Be?

When installing an underfloor heating system, it is highly important to ensure that the right type and thickness of screed is applied on top to get the most efficient results from your system. Using the wrong type of screed could land you in trouble and your efforts of obtaining a good heating system could all go down the drain. Every flooring project is different, and therefore it is essential to understand your building, its uses, and use the screed which is most suitable for it. For example, you are likely to receive the optimum solution with a solid floor when … Continue reading “What Thickness Should Screed Over Underfloor Heating Be?”