Liquid Screed: We Build, We Repair

We are a company that specialise in flooring solutions here in Cornwall. We provide you flooring screeding contractors to help you build and renovate homes and construction sites using liquid screeds. Here in Cornwall, we work to give our clients the best floor preparation service, maintenance advice, and constant help on floor plans and heating systems.

How We Build

Our focus is to use effective methods to lay the best floors possible in a limited time, while being cost effective. We use liquid screeds and flowing screed made from a perfect ratio mixture of sand and cement screed. This is very different from regular concrete and contains gyvlon and anhydrite, which are chemicals that help in quick recovery and drying. For better stability, we use primers to hold the mix together.

What We Use

We apply our product on any floor in the regulated screed thickness, which is about 20mm in depth. For more uniformity we use a spike roller to spread the mixture over the surface. We also provide underfloor heating system that are functional round the year. The flow screed poured over the heating system’s pipelines are leveled using a leveling compound that is effective on any surface.

The machines that we use help us to reach difficult corners and tough spaces. We use power screed and floor sanding machines, which are tools that use high-powered vibrations to distribute the liquid evenly. If you’re a resident of Cornwall, and want to know more about flowing screed, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!


Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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