Liquid Screeds: A Solution to Flooring in Devon

We specialise in repairing floors or building new floors using liquid screeds, more commonly called flowing screed. In Devon, we offer better flooring solutions for small building projects to large construction sites.

Our Secret

We give you a detailed floor preparation service before laying out the plans for the flooring. The materials and instruments that we use, help with quick drying and offer an effortless application of the mix on the surfaces. We use flowing screeds that are not made out of the conventional sand and cement screed, which are usually thick, uneven, and harder to dry. The product we use is mixed with gyvlon and anhydrite, allowing for quick evaporation and heat circulation.

How We Work

We, as flooring screeding contractors, make sure that the floor has the the right screed thickness depending on the condition of the building and the type of floor surface. The use of liquid screed helps when we install underfloor heating systems, where the liquid is poured over the radiator pipes. The mixture can be easily manipulated into corners, cracks, and unreachable places to give a complete and clean finish.

The tools that we use are power screed and floor sanding machines that help to spread the screed evenly and give a smoother finish. We also use a leveling compound that works on wooden and concrete floors to smooth uneven surfaces.

With a team of experts and specialists, we build homes effectively and economically. So, people of Devon, call us and we’ll provide you with more information on flow screed and other services we have to offer.


Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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