Liquid Screed Is Now In Dorset

If you live in Dorset and are tired of long and money-consuming constructions, our team is your solution. We help you build or renovate using flowing screed, which is very different from the conventional sand and cement screed. We also install underfloor heating systems for homes that are in need of regulating temperatures throughout the year.

Who We Are

We are flooring screeding contractors who can help to provide a better solutions to your construction concerns. We provide a consistent, economical, and effective way of building and repairing homes. We give you a detailed floor preparation service, maintenance advice, and constant over-the-phone help.

How We Work

We use technology that makes the flooring process easier. We make good use of a leveling compound to help smoothen uneven surfaces, whether it is on concrete or wooden floors. We also use liquid screeds, which contain anhydrite and gyvlon, which help in quick evaporation and heat circulation. The flowing screed, more commonly known as flow screed, dries quickly and is easier to manipulate when trying to reach into tiny cracks and corners.

For the heating systems, we use the best pipes and techniques when we lay down the mixture. This system helps to regulate your home’s temperature according to the season or weather. We use the best technology, including a power screed and floor sanding machines that use high vibration to level out liquid screeds. They also regulate the screed thickness for a smooth finish.

Residents in and around Dorset, we are just a call away for all your flooring needs!


Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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