Dry Screed

Dry Screed

Liquid Screed direct are specialists in managing any flooring project, with much experience and expertise within the industry. The professionals here at Liquid Screed understand that different projects require different types of screed, varying proportions of mixtures and applied in the appropriate thickness.

In order to cater to every flooring need, Liquid Screed have started offering not only liquid screed flooring, but also dry screed flooring as part of their services. This opens many doors for further construction and flooring projects. Whatever your project and requirements, here at Liquid screed, we guarantee to have the right solution for you.

Benefits of Dry Screed:

The first and foremost advantage of dry screed is that it dries quickly in comparison to other types of screed. Besides, it offers you a glazing floor finish and consumes less time as well as involving an easier application process. This limits your labour costs and overall length of the project.

With years of experience, at Liquid Screed we deliver our highly valued clients with flawless floors every time, and are also specialists in installing underfloor heating in quick succession with the screed.

A wide range of dry screed is available in the market, and it can be overwhelming for anyone choosing their materials. However, a professional company like us at Liquid Screed can actually suggest which screed is most suitable for your floor.

We are also able to advise you on the exact optimum thickness the screed should be according to your project. The thickness of your screed plays a key role in the quality of the end result and the drying time required after application. For instance, a the top floor of a house could be completed and dried within 14–20 days after the screed was applied by us.

The list of dry screed attributes does not end there. Dry screed also provides you with a thermally conducive environment, often reducing your heating bills in the long term and making for a warmer environment in your home or workplace.

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Dry Screed Vs Traditional Screed

You may be wondering what the difference is between dry screed and traditional screed, and which option is right for your flooring project.

A traditional screed mixture includes sand, cement and water, whilst a dry screed mixture does not include water and therefore takes considerably less time to dry. Drying of the floor additionally depends on the thickness of the screed and the floor area. For example, if you have spread screed on a huge floor area it will take more time to dry. Therefore, we guide our clients on the optimal screed for their requirements.

Although it has been almost 50 years since traditional screed was used for the first time by people in our industry, we ourselves observe the remarkable use of this screed over the years. In terms of durability, reliability and versatility, traditional screed has delivered an outstanding performance, and it is still highly successful in some projects. The only problem with this screed is the prolonged time it takes to dry.

Dry screed is a mixture of sand, cement and certain additives, which enable the screed to dry more quickly. Sometimes additives are added onsite, while some other times it is a ready mixture. The huge drying gap reflects an increasing preference of Dry Screed among many project managers.

Only Opt for the Best When It Comes to Laying Your Dry Screed

At Liquid Screed, we consider your project and requirements carefully, and use our expertise and experience to direct you in the right direction regarding which type of screed is most suitable for you. We take the following points into consideration before making a proposal for our clients:

  • What their personal requirements are
  • Budget
  • Lifestyle

We also take into consideration the following before deciding on the ideal kind of screed for you:

  • Nature of the floor
  • Time constraints
  • Manpower
  • Equipments to be used

Solving this jigsaw puzzle is not an easy task as every aspect is important for example, you cannot overlook the qualities of traditional and dry screed over drying time. Ignoring such factors and small errors may land the entire project in trouble. Considering this task as difficult would be an understatement because our experience tells us that this is way more complex than as it appears to be.

Finding a solution for all these requirements is no easy feat, and it is therefore highly important to consult an experienced company like Liquid Screed to handle such projects. We can lead you in the correct direction and resolve your complex issues with our expertise. Understanding the intricacies of a situation is crucial as it will assist you to find the precise way and deliver you an excellent outcome.

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Why Choose Us:

At Liquid Screed, we provide an appropriate floor solution to our clients based on their requirements and suitability. We believe in granting the best approach to our clients so that they receive high quality flooring and are more than satisfied with the end results.

We supply flooring options all over the country, with 17 branches all across the country and a new branch opening in Birmingham.

We have vast experience in screed flooring as well as underfloor Heating Solutions (UHF) for all types of homes and businesses. We also offer flowing screed which is an advanced version of the flooring solution. It has immensely advanced liquid properties like speedy application as it is easy to pour, quick drying which saves time. The additional benefit that this screed has is that it is more conducive than the traditional screed or dry screed and is the best option to be combined with underfloor heating.

An array of screed options are available and have specific unique features has along with the capability to meet all sorts of different requirements.

You can share your requirements in detail with us and we can provide you with the perfect solution that fits within your budget. We would be more than happy to help you. To get more information and a free no obligations quote, you can call us on 0800-059-9959 or send us a

Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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