Liquid Screed: Making Construction Easy In Durham

We see the difficulties that you have in terms of delay and financial drain, while constructing a home or office. So, here inDurham, we use liquid screeds for flooring and renovating homes. We are flooring screeding contractors who bring you an economical solution for flooring. We provide afloor preparation service, maintenance advice, and will constantly keep in touch with you till you see the desired results.

Where Do We Fit?

We use liquid screeds, also called flowing screed, that have properties like speedy drying and easier application. We apply the right amount of flow screed depending on the kind of surface. The product we use is made with a perfect ratio and is better than the traditional sand and cement screed. The compound contains gyvlon and anhydrite, which are chemicals that help in quick evaporation and heat circulation of the floor.

What We Do Best

We use technology to build the best floors, including the use of a leveling compound that help smooth uneven concrete and wooden floors. The flowing mixtures are measured and are spread according to regular screed thickness norms on the surface using spikes.

We also install underfloor heating systems that are designed to regulate the temperature of your home across all seasons. The flowing screed can easily cover the pipes without a problem. The machines that we use consist of power screed and floor sanding machines. These machines use high levels of vibration to equally distribute the liquid.

If you’re constructing in Durham, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!


Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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