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Liquid Screed Flooring Made Easy In East Riding

You need an expert to help you out when you’re using liquid screeds. So if you find yourself lost looking for an expert in floors in East Riding, our flooring screed contractors are here. We specialise in building and repairing floors, and in underfloor heating systems. We give you a thorough floor preparation service that is economical and comes without delays.

What We Do

Our liquid screeds (or flowing screed) are the best material for flooring, and they trump over the regular sand and cement screed. We use a specially formulated mixture, which is blended with the chemical compounds gyvlon and anhydrite. These compounds help with evaporation and heat circulation, allowing the floor to set quickly. The team also makes sure to measure the screed thickness depending on the type of ground surface we work on.

How We Do It

We not only work on floors using flow screed but also use an effective materials, such as aleveling compound that smooths the most uneven surfaces. We also provide aftercare services that will help you keep your floors looking new for ever.

The machines that we work with consist of a power screed and floor sanding machines that work with high-velocity vibrations to ensure the product is even. They also help create a clean and smooth finish.

Now, the residents of East Riding don’t have to be burdened with excessive financial drains. Instead, call us and we will give you more information on the benefits of flowing screed.


Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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