Liquid Screed Ltd: Securing Homes In Emsworth

The solution for better flooring is now available inEmsworth. No matter how hard the work, from constructing your house to perfecting your driveway, we offer an easier solution. InEmsworth, we specialise in concrete pouring machinery for all kinds of construction.

What We Do

We are well versed in using liquid screeds or flowing screed, an advanced flooring solution that is easier to use, faster to dry, and effortless to apply. We offer afloor preparation service by providing the best floor plans with specifications that will meet the needs of any developer.

How We Work

Flowing screed is made of gyvlon and anhydrite, allowing it to act as a great levelling compound and spread over the floor in a uniform screed thickness. This is much more effective than regular materials, made from sand and cement screed. The use of liquid screeds allows you to reach nooks and corners easily. You can conveniently work around different shapes as well.

Flow screed covers heating pipes and is assured to work through any season. We use highly efficient power screed for levelling. We, are one of the leading flooring screed contractors, we also use floor sanding machines to make sure that everything is well evened out as per your requirements. Apart from that, we also fix underfloor heating with the help of specialised experts.

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Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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