Essex Now Has Liquid Screed Flooring And Heating

We provide our services to Reading, Bristol, Northampton, and now Essex. Flowing screed is a mixture of elements such asanhydrite from Gyvlon with sand and cement screed. With our floor preparation service and flooring screeding contractors, we make flooring look easy.

What Is The Driving Force Behind Our Growing Reputation

Liquid screeds have a lot of benefits that it brings to the flowing screed world. It is easy to pour and has a faster drying time, which in the long run helps you reduce the time and money you spend on flooring. Now in Essex, our team will work toward ensuring the equipment we provide with our services exceed customer expectations.

Liquid screeds are recommended for builds requiring underfloor heating. With the time it takes to lay the mix, which is about an hour, you will find that within 48 hours it will be dry enough to walk on. Screed thickness today has decreased when compared to a few years ago, which helps in curbing your carbon footprint and reducing energy bills.

Our Screed Can Change Your Build

With this option, you eliminate the need for a levelling compound and floor sanding machines as it levels itself. We will use power screed instead of using plain old man power to remove the excess product. With the time and monetary factor fuelling the benefits of our product, you can’t help but be floored with it.

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If you’re considering a build in Essex and want to know about your flooring options, give us a call and have a chat about what we offer.

Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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