Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of our most common frequently asked questions we receive here at Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. If you can’t find the answer to your question(s), please do not hesitate to ask or by completing the ask us your questions form on this page – we are happy to help!

Q. Do we offer our liquid screed services without underfloor heating?
. Yes! Liquid Screed is offered without underfloor heating if required.

Q. How far can you pump liquid screed?
A. Liquid Screed can pumped up to 40m (Standard) or far greater distance upon request.

Q. When can I walk on the floor after the floor screed has been laid?
A. Light foot traffic after 48hours as a rule however, this is subject to site and weather conditions (may take longer in colder weather).

Q. What is the minimum required depth of floor screed?

  • Bonded = 25mm.
  • Un-bonded = 30mm.
  • In contact with substrate = 30mm.
  • Floating commercial = 40mm.
  • Floating domestic = 35mm.
  • Underfloor heating – minimum 30mm coverage above pipes (approximately 45mm screed depth).

Q. Do I need to do anything to the floor before I put my floor covering down?
A. Any floor covering that requires any adhesive will need to be sanded and primed beforehand. Primers are generally acrylic dispersion or water based epoxy based. The best performance is generally using two a coats system. Consult manufacturing suppliers prior to use.

Q. Do I need a moisture test and when is it best to do?
A. Generally liquid screeds have a natural drying time of 1mm per day and 0.5mm thereafter depending on site conditions. Keeping the area warm and dry as possible will help. Commissioning the UFH and/or using dehumidifiers can reduce these rates. Moisture testing is recommended, and we recommend the screed is 0.5% moisture.

Q. Can I lay my flooring directly on top of the screed?
A. Before any type of flooring it is recommended sanding  is done prior to this.  Please contact us for details.

Q. With Underfloor Heating how much can I expect to save on utility bills?
A. You can expect 20% to 40% reduction on utility bills.

Q. How Long Before I can use my Underfloor Heating after Screeding?
A. It all depends on the type of screed, you can use this after 7 days, but this must be done under controlled measures.

Q. What Happens if my Water Underfloor Heating Develops a Leak?
A. This is extremely uncommon as all underfloor heating pipes are pressure tested at far greater pressure than normal general use and comes with a  full 50 year warranty. However in the unlikely event happening we can easily locate the damage and repair.

Q. Should I Leave my Underfloor Heating on all-day?
A. We suggest leaving the system ticking over during the day and using the set-back feature on the thermostats overnight to keep the heat in the floor and to not allow the slab to go completely cold. For example, if your day time temperature is 21 degrees Celsius, we suggest allowing the system to cool down to 16 degrees, then in the morning the heating system hasn’t got to do a lot of work to come back up to 21 degrees.



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