Liquid Screed Floors and Heats Gloucester

We have slowly made our way through cities like London, Reading, and Bristol and are now operating in Gloucester. With Gyvlon supplying us with anhydrite to mix with our ratios of sand and cement , we offer a floor preparation service that is not too tough on the wallet. Our flooring screeding contractors work with state of the art equipment, which makes flooring look like a breeze.

The Factors That Fuel Our Reputation’s Fire

The benefits that liquid screedcan bring to the build are varied. Flowing screed is easy to lay and has a shorter drying time. With equipment that has been designed to fill every corner with the mix, we ensure that the hour we spend laying it out is spent efficiently. The drying time for the liquid screed amounts to about 48 hours, after which you will be able to walk on it without any problem.

Constructors say that the best builds to use the product on are the ones that require underfloor heating. Depending on the type of build, screed thickness varies. Although the product we use today has thinner thickness than before.

Why Choose This Mix

We use a power screed to remove excess amounts, which earlier used to be done by man-powered equipment. We have almost eliminated the need for a leveling compound and floor sanding machine. We deliver a superior kind of screed, which over the years has added to our growth as the number 1flow screed dealer. With this type of flooring, you will see that the energy bills you pay decrease and the carbon footprint you leave is not as big as it could have been.

Talk It Through

If you are looking to build in Gloucester, give us a call. We will put all your doubts about the product we offer to bed and answer any other questions you might have about it.

Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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