Liquid Screed Ltd: Now Operational In Gloucestershire

Our services are now available in Gloucestershire. We are expert flooring screed contractors who provide solutions forunderfloor heating systems and construction flooring.

What Our Job Entails

We specialise in usingliquid screeds, also called flowing screed, to deliver quick, efficient, and non-messy flooring solutions. Our maintenance team is always on site to ensure that all construction-related operations go smoothly, so you won’t have to worry about technical difficulties.

How We Can Be Of Use

We employ flowing screed instead of the traditional sand and cement screed. You can benefit from this, because it’s easy to apply and reduces your construction time.

We also provide products mixed with anhydrite and gyvlon – compounds that make the material stronger and give it a more flexible strength. This means that the material will spread evenly to create a uniform screed thickness and will not develop any cracks once it dries. We also specialise in installing heating pipes, and the mix acts as an ideal levelling compound to cover the pipes and provide a layer of insulation.

You can apply our flow screed using the equipment that we provide. These include a power screed and floor sanding machines, making it easy to get to inaccessible areas. Our work begins with a thorough floor preparation service to remove any debris that might be present.

Carrying out construction work in Gloucestershire? Call us. You can learn a lot about liquid screedsfrom our expert team.


Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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