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If you are in need of floor repairs, Liquid Screed Ltd. is now in Hastings, and we specialise in fixing floors with flowing screed. As flooring screed contractors, we can offer you the best floor preparation service, with aftercare advice and future assistance. We also provide underfloor heating services to keep your home in Hastings, cosy throughout the year.

What We Do Best

We know the hardships of construction, so we offer an economical method of fixing floors, using liquid screeds, commonly known as flowing screed. This mixture is so much better thansand and cement screed, and uses a newly formulated mixture for easier application. The mix has components like gyvlon and anhydrite that speed up the evaporation process and improve heat circulation. It is also simpler to manipulate the liquid to reach difficult corners or cracks.

What We Use

We never compromise on quality and use advanced technology to ensure the best outcome. We use a component called a leveling compound that is effective in smoothing out uneven surfaces on concrete and wooden surfaces.

We use power screed and floor sanding machines, which are easy to use. They are high powered machines that even out the product and help in maintaining the required screed thickness. Theflow screed dries quickly and the tools ensure that floor has a smoother finish.

So, if you live in and around Hastings, and feel that you need our assistance for your flooring needs, just give us a call. We are here to serve you.


Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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