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If you are in need of a good flooring service in Hertfordshire, we will come to your rescue! We are flooring screed contractors providing liquid screeds and underfloor heating services. We provide our services for either a small home project or a large scale construction. We offer the best floor preparation service and aftercare advice in the UK.

What We Offer

Flowing screed has become a popular choice of flooring and has easily beaten the conservative methods, which involve the use of sand and cement screed. Our mixture is specially compounded with a blend of gyvlon and anhydrite. These are chemicals that speed up the evaporation process for quicker drying and also have better heat circulation. The screed thickness applied depends upon the surface on which the flowing screed is poured. Flow screed provides a firmer and sturdier floor and a smoother finish than traditional screed.

We Provide the Best

Liquid screeds can be easily poured onto the surface. The mixture is evenly spread out using a levelling compound and a power screed is used to remove extra concrete. These tools make sure the mixture gets into every little corner and crack, and provide an even cover without lumps. We also use floor sanding machines to achieve a smooth finish.

So if you do require flooring services, look no further, than our team in Hertfordshire.


Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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