Liquid Screed Direct Ltd. Redefines Flooring Concepts In Kent

Our services are now active in Kent. Whether you’re constructing for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, we provide liquid screed and underfloor heating solutions to satisfy your flooring needs.

Why Choose Us?

As expert flooring screed contractors, we conduct an initial floorpreparation service to ready your floor for the construction work that follows.

What We Bring To the Table

We use flowing screed or simply flow screed this has a vast advantage when compared to sand and cement screed. Unlike the traditional material, our product is mixed with anhydrite and gyvlon. These compounds make it a great leveling compound that’s durable, easy to apply, and has greater flexible strength. That way the floor will not crack once the material has hardened.

We also provide heating pipes and cover them with flowing screed poured over the surface. This material can cover a surface to provide insulation even when it consists of a lower screed thickness. We employ top-quality equipment like floor sanding machines and power screed. These tools help us to reach areas that are normally difficult to access.

Convey Your Message

Before going forward with any construction work in Kent, give us a call. That way you’ll learn more about the efficiency of liquid screeds and why you should consider including them in your construction.


Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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