Kettering Has Opened Its Doors To Our Services

Liquid Screed Ltd. has begun operating in Kettering. We are flooring screed contractors providing flooring and underfloor heating solutions to the construction industry ranging from residential projects to industrial undertakings.

How We Work

We use liquid screed, also known as flowing screed or flow screed, which can be applied easily and is cost effective, as opposed to sand and cement screed. The material also acts as a layer of insulation over heating pipes, as it can be applied with low screed thickness, allowing heat to pass through. Being a great leveling compound, it settles evenly over a floor surface to create a smooth, polished floor.

Gyvlon and anhydrite are two components present in our liquid screeds. These compounds make the material more durable and flexible, allowing it to dry quickly and without issues.

Our array of equipment includes floor sanding machines, used in our floor preparation service. This helps us remove any unwanted objects from the floor surface before pouring the flowing screed. We also have a power screed – a tool that can pour liquid over an area of 100m within 45 minutes, creating a large floor surface in a shorter timeframe.

Learn More

If you’re in Kettering, you can call us and learn more about our methods of construction. Using this mixture can minimise the problems you face with construction work.


Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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