Liquid Screed Direct Ltd Is Now Providing Services In Leicestershire

Our services are now available in Leicestershire. We provide you with an advanced floor preparation service, that’s one of the best in town. With the help of our top-quality equipment and materials, which include floor sanding machines, flowing screed, and even a power screed, we make laying floor a non-messy and easy affair for you.

Types Of Flooring And Its Benefits

There are many types of floor-making techniques that employ liquid screeds or flowing screed. We even have gyvlon and anhydrite mixtures that settle faster and allow for greater flexibility. Our materials and techniques consume less time by using a levelling compound that dries easily and is more efficient than sand and cement screed. We create long lasting floors using our methods, which cannot be duplicated by the traditional method of flooring.

Liquid screeds are suitable to cover underfloor heating pipes as well, making them an ecologically sound product. If you can’t decide on the exact screed thickness you want, we even have a team of experts to help you determine a measurement that’s most applicable to your floor.

How We Can Help

If you live in Leicestershire, get in touch with us regarding your construction project. We’ll give you more information on flow screed and on how we can fulfil your construction requirements. You can be assured that we’re just the flooring screed contractors you need for the job.


Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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