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We are now operational in Peckham. We are passionate flooring screed contractors specialising in the application of liquid screeds and underfloor heating systems. We provide solutions to a variety of projects, starting from industrial undertakings to small scale residential projects.

We’re Different from the Others

The machinery we employ includes a collection of floor sanding machines. This equipment is ideal for providing a top-quality floor preparation service before pouring flow screed on to the surface. We also have a power screed, making it easy to pour flowing screed over large areas within a short span of time. Using this nifty piece of equipment, we can get to areas that may seem inaccessible using other methods.

Why Liquid Flooring Options?

Also known as flowing screed, liquid screeds provide benefits that can’t be found in the traditional sand and cement screed. Some of these benefits include greater durability, easy application, and cost effectiveness. It acts as an ideal leveling compound, settling evenly over a surface to create a smooth, polished floor. You can use this material to cover heating pipes with a firm layer, with a low screed thickness, making it the perfect surface for insulation.

Our mix is made using anhydrite and gyvlon. The combination of these compounds results in a material that possesses greater flexible strength, making it more durable and resistant to cracks that may occur whilst drying.

If you’re undergoing floor construction work in Peckham, contact us. We would be glad to help.

Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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