Liquid Screed And Heating Opens Doors To Surrey

With our services gaining popularity in counties like Essex, Bedfordshire, London, and Sussex, we have made our way to Surrey. We offer floor preparation services along with the expertise of ourflooring screeding contractors. We use a mix of sand and cement screed that is blended with anhydrite. We get our anhydrite from Gyvlon, which is a leading supplier of recycled anhydrite.

What Our Product Does That Normal Ones Don’t

The most noticeable benefits that the mixture brings to the flowing screed world is time and monetary factors. The time it takes to lay down a layer of the product averages about one hour. The time it takes to dry is 48 hours. Due to this, the time spent on flooring is considerably less than other mixtures, which has a direct effect on how much you spend.

Contractors suggest you use this blend in builds that require under floor heating. Liquid screed thickness isn’t on the high side, which makes it ideal for almost any build.

Why Choose Us

We use a power screed to remove the excess deposits from a site. A leveling compound and floor sanding machines are almost never needed as flowing screed levels itself usually. When you use flow screed options, you will see the eventual decrease in energy bills. Also, the product helps minimise your carbon footprint.

Give Us A Buzz

If you need a clearer idea about liquid screedsand what it can do, then why not call us today to get a better understanding about what our product has to offer if you decide to build in Surrey.

Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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