We Are Now In Sussex

Liquid Screed Ltd. now provides its services in the areas of East Sussex and West Sussex. We provide liquid screeds and underfloor heating systems for both small scale and large scale construction projects.

Why Us

As expert flooring screed contractors, we understand the problems involved in completing a construction project efficiently, within the desired financial / time limits. We provide a wide range of equipment and flowing screed to aid you in this process.

For example, our power screed lays out a covering of flow screed over 100m in less than 45 minutes, allowing the entire work site to dry before the next morning. We also provide a floor preparation service using floor sanding machines, to ensure that your floor is dust free.

What We Give You

Flowing screed is easy to lay out, saves time, and uses minimal labour as compared to conventional sand and cement screed. It acts as an efficient leveling compound and creates a uniform surface with the right consistency of screed thickness.

We also provide products mixed with anhydrite and gyvlon to create a material that is easy to apply, has greater conductivity, and is flexible enough to avoid cracks on hardening.

Let’s Chat

Whether you live in East Sussex or West Sussex, if you’re planning any construction work, give us a call. We’ll give you more details regarding the benefits of liquid screeds and why you should use it to create the perfect flooring.

Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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