We Now Provide Screeding Services In Uxbridge


Our services are now available in Uxbridge. We provide solutions for underfloor heating systems along with an array of liquid screeds for your flooring work.

What We Are

We are expert flooring screed contractors who use flow screed and provide our customers with an efficient floor preparation service. Our team of experts is always on duty to ensure that all our machinery functions properly so that your construction work isn’t held up by technical glitches.

What We Offer

We use flowing screed, which possesses many benefits over sand and cement screed. These include greater durability and easy handling. Our collection of equipment includes a simple power screed and multiple floor sanding machines, making it easy to access areas that may seem restricted.

We also provide a higher quality product made with anhydrite and gyvlon. This material provides greater flexibility to the floor surface to ensure that it doesn’t crack while drying. Flowing screed acts as the ideal leveling compound and settles over an area to create a flooring with the desired screed thickness.

Talk To Us

If you’re planning any construction work, contact us. We’ll help you learn more about liquid screeds and why they’re the best material to use for flooring.

Liquid Screed and Underfloor Heating One Smooth Solution!
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